RV Garages


Are you thinking about a garage for your RV?

If you need a weather protection building or shelter for your motorhome, travel trailer, camper, or other RV, which will increase property value, you need a Barnfactory RV Garage.

Are you a carpenter or mechanic?  Additional benefits of an rv garage include a covered space to keep your tools organized, a shop to re-build that antique automobiles, or craft cabinets, or refurbish furniture. 

You can personalize your RV garage with a second level as a barndominium with living area.  

RV Garages utilize custom extra tall doors.  These high quality wooden bifold doors are supersized for boat dry dock, small airplane hangar, and rv storage.  You might even add an extra room for airbnb guests, also making your building profitable.

Add shed or dormers or gabled dormers for additional light and extra space.  A classic wood widow’s peak and iconic cupola give your barn character, design, and value.  

The Barn Factory has designed a good many RV garages which have been built all across the United States.  The Barnfactory RV garage can be just the answer for your needs, your budget, and your building project.