Cost and Payment


The fee schedule: Average plan cost is $1000 or less.


• Plan is personalized with your customer and site specific information added.


• Extra customizing, if requested, is at additional cost.


• Most plans have 10 to 20 autocad drafted pages. Some have even more pages.


• The pages are highly detailed.


• The cad files will be required if your building permit office requires a “wet stamp review” by an engineer 


that is licensed in your state. We will forward your plan to an engineering firm licensed in all 50 states. 


They will forward their review quote cost directly to you for payment.


• Payment is made in full for the plans when ordered.


• Payment is by wire transfer, or check by mail.

• Stamped plans are fedexed by the revising engineer.


• Plans will be delivered by email.


• The plans are proprietary. They are owned by




The plans are available for one time use only by the original plans purchaser.


• The cover page of each plan also lists the individual pages that are included.


• Minor changes to the plans are often free.


• To order plans or for more information, email


Include your name, zip code and phone number. Or text the


information to 360-470 four eight six six