Important Information

At The Barn Factory our policy is to be as straight forward as possible and to keep things as simple as possible.

Customizing the plans:

We are proud to be able to customize your plans.  By e-mailing ideas and sketches back and forth we will steadily develop your plan until you tell us, “it’s ‘the perfect barn’.”


When building Departments required additional design for floor heating systems, sprinkler systems and wire and plumbing schematics, there might be an additional cost for the assistance of a local architect.

Job order:

Although we try to keep the projects moving forward in the order they are received, we will do our best to serve your rush order.
Customers making repeated design changes should expect delays in plan completions.


Your project is a substantial undertaking. We at The Barn Factory will do our best to meet your schedule. The Barn Factory makes no promises as to the exact date your plans will be ready, your permit will be approved or your package will be shipped. These dates are affected by the difficulty of your project, the design difficulty, design changes, the engineering work load, change orders, building department efficiency, work load, material delays and shipping delays. To avoid frustration, please remember to allow time for these delays. Ironically, the biggest delay of all is usually the time wasted before you finally make the decision to get started.


Door orders and partial kits are crated and are delivered by coastal carrier to your zipcode.  Shipping prices are determined by the crate size and weight and by the current cost of diesel fuel.

Full truckload packages (purchased directly through our supplier) may not always fit on the 40′ flatbed truck.  When your package is too large for the truck, materials that are locally avialble may be left off for local purchase, or you may opt for a second truckload.  Shipping costs are determined and arranged for by our supplier after the plans are finalized and material list completed.

Long distance shipments arrive on a truck with a 40 ft. flatbed or curtain side trailer.  It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for a forklift for off-loading.  Make sure the truck and trailer will clear any tight corners and obstacles, or you will need to shuttle the load.

A forklift will be needed to unload crates or truckload packages.  DO NOT schedule a forklift until the exact departure date is determined.


The Barn Factory has over 40 years of building design and on-site building experience. We recognize that each builder has a slightly different way of building. Each builder is sure that “his way” is the best way. We try to work with your builder to review the plans with an eye to “his way”. If your builder is unsure about the kit’s advantages, has installation questions or wants “his way” features, please feel free to have him call and discuss it with our staff.

What if there is a mistake:

Back-orders, lumber take-off mistakes, shipping, breakage and carpenter mistakes do occur.  When that happens, local purchase and material substitutions may be required.


Protecting your materials from the elements, direct sunlight and rain is the owner’s responsibility. When one side of the wood is wet and the other side is dry, wood will warp or cup under direct sunlight or in a drying wind. Once installed and stained or painted it is unlikely to distort. Glu-lam beams will not distort. Large timbers and log posts will sometimes show splits. This is caused by the perimeter of the timber drying and shrinking at a faster rate than the core. These splits add character and are seldom a strength issue. When tarping lumber, be sure to allow some air flow to prevent molding of the wood.

Energy Efficiency:

Many of The Barn Factory’s packages are intended for present or future heated space use. For these packages The Barn Factory will help design your package to fit the window sizes you choose. Because of variation in colors, insulation values, wind strength, and the cost of shipping glass, The Barn Factory does not include or ship vinyl windows. We will, however, provide framing and header material and provide you with the window dimensions we use to achieve the “classic barn look”. (We suggest recycling windows to add character and economy).


The Barn Factory does manufacture old style wood barn windows. These windows are for use in unheated buildings such as garages and barns. They have the old-fashioned small pane look. The plexiglass pane can be removed for ease of painting. The plexiglass can, additionally, be used as a glass pattern if you wish to convert to real glass(Remember to follow tempered glass rules about proximity to doors and stairs when converting to glass). Accessory framing materials needed to frame for windows are included in our packages. The Barn Factory’s also offers shutters for any size windows. Shutters can be used for both security and decoration. The average cost of a shutter set is approximately 70% of the window cost. Although no barn or home is safe from a determined burglar, our sliding barn doors may be used to secure your glass patio door and glass loft doors. Everyone’s idea of the best door locks vary. For that reason The Barn Factory does not provide door locks except for stall doors.


Stairs are included in all two story buildings.  The Barn Factory manufactures and provides stairways for loft barns. We offer straight, ell shaped and U shaped (45 degree turns).

There are two qualities offered:

1. The less expensive standard stair, much like the house regular type stairs, which most builders install  with notched 2”x12” lumber and 2″x6″ treads.

2. The heavy timber stairs built of heavier 4”x12” heavier timbers.  The standard stair width is 39″ with a 36″ tread and a 71/4″ riser.  The width of the heavy timber stair can be extended up to 6′ wide because it utilizes 4″x12″ timbers as treads.
We provide a standard set of cedar handrails with a handgrip rail.  These may be modified on site to fit your needs.  Our stair handrails are rustic and well suited for use in barns and garages but not for fine homes.

Handrails are to be provided by owner.