Your barn plans need


To start with:


Your name and the zip code of the site.  Your email.


Hopefully a text number.  A list of uses, for now and the future.


Approximate size.

Single level or loft.


Unheated or energy efficient.


Text or email pictures of our barns or of others that you like.

To develop your plans;

Name, email, phone or text number.

• The site address and Mailing address.

• Wind load

• Ground snow load


• Frost depth

• Earth quake zone

• Plan size 11X17 or 24X36. Ask the official.

• Also watch for height restrictions, setbacks, wetland issues, and 


HOA rules.

• Be sure and get this information from your building official. The 


internet is often wrong.


• Ask the official if a state licensed engineers’ wet stamp review will 


be required?


Contact us