When building with your free standard barn plan set you will need a permission from the Barnfactory. Just email a request for permission (no charge) to use the plan.

Clearly understand that these plans were developed  for a different  location then yours. The load requirements shown on the cover page are for a different locale than yours and will likely require plans upgrading. To those of your site. Your local different load requirments than in your locale.

When requesting a plan upgrade we will need the following;



phone or text number.

• The site address and Mailing address.

• Wind load

• Ground snow load


• Frost depth

• Earth quake zone

• Plan size 11 x 17 or 24 x 36. Ask the official. (Don’t guess)


•Year of Current IRBC adopted CODE. (This is important)


• Also watch for height restrictions, setbacks, wetland issues, fire codes and HOA rules. (double check!)

• Be sure and get this information from your building official. The 

 internet is often wrong.


• Ask the official if a state licensed engineers’ wet stamp review will be required?  If so we will forward your plan to a engineer licensed in your state for their  ‘wet stamp review’ cost quote emailed directly to you.  Or you may use a local engineer.


It is advisable to review these plans with your engineer or builder for errors or ommisions. That is the owners responsibility.

• If you wish to  request an upgrade notify us at  barnfactory@gmail.com