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Western Classic With Sheds

Western Classic Style "The McKinley"
52'x36'  (3168 Sq Ft)  with loft apartment


20% off during our 2016 Valentines Day Sale

"Standard" Barn Plans $1100 (Regulary $1400)

Customized "to suit" Barn Plans $1900 (regularly $2400)

These are pre-engineered barn plans with 20 or more well detailed pages specific to the requirements of your site.  A State licensed engineers "wet stamp review" is available at extra cost if required.


Pioneer with sheds


"The Pioneer"

52'x48'  (1872 Sq Ft) Open or enclosed side sheds (Pioneer styles Do Not have Lofts)





"The Westerner"









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Garage Doors

Custom Doors

Stall Doors




Paddock Doors



We have a great selection of Gorgeous Wood Barn Doors

*  Hardware and/or Stained Glass By Owner


During our Valentines Day Sale our premade items will also be discounted 20%

Including Cupolas, Widows Peaks, Gable and Shed Dormers, Loft Doors, Barn Doors, Carriage House Doors, Dutch Paddock Doors, Stall Doors, Carriage Style RV Doors, Stairways, and Barn Windows.

The Kansan


The Stowaway


The Westerner

The Old Mission