Barndominium Floor Plans

Barn Factory offers Barndominium construction plans, kits, and buildings.  Our barn homes can be built locally or shipped to your property. 

Barndominium are a great value because they do double duty providing a low cost storage and housing alternative.  The real estate market is on the rise, new homebuyers can build their custom home instead.   

Barn style homes are genuinely multi-functional buildings you can use  as workshops, home entertainment areas, conference locations, wedding barn venues and more. 

All you have to do is decide what you want, and the will help you find the style and floorplan that suits you best. 

All of our models are constructed with the highest quality Pacific Northwest Lumber.  Roofing can be shingle or metal or even cedar shakes if it fits your farm style. 

If you’re in the market for a new house or want something a little different, the barndominium is a terrific option!

The word “barndominium” itself is a portmanteau.  It is composed of a play of two various words, respectively “barn” and “condominium”. The significance of it is a useful wood storage building that has been turned into a living space.  


Barndominium homes are very charming buildings to reside in, especially if you’re tired of all the hustle in the big cities. Their design is open and adjustable, making them fit for many purposes. You might use a barndominium as a restaurant, shops, bar, church, or even neighborhood medical center.  Barndominiums are fast to build and blueprints are readily available, making your task a lot easier.

Another excellent advantage of a barnfactory barndominium is how we can increase the offered space when you need it. Our structural designs are unique, making it possible to vary interior walls or leave the space open according to your preferences.