Barn Windows












We also have windows that open and with screens.


(Call or e-mail to price custom sized barn windows or for large or small quantities)

Our Barn Windows are designed to replicate the small-paned wood windows of 100 years ago.

Barn Windows add light, function and classic character to any building.

  • Made from your choice of Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir
  • Easy to paint feature (unbreakable plexiglass removes easily for painting)
  • Each window is pre trimmed in Western Red Cedar

Our windows are glazed with a high quality, high index plexiglass. If you prefer real glass, we will give you the size for your local purchase. Remember that most building codes require tempered glass or plexi in and near doors, and near stairs.


The staining of window framing and mullions can be completed before glazing, a time saving feature the painter will love.

Question: Why do some of the barns in your photos have blue windows?

The Barn Factory uses a high quality plexiglass pane in our barn windows.  During shipping and installation, that plexiglass is protected with a thin blue plastic film that prevents scratching or other damage.  The film peels off easily once the windows are stained leaving attractive clear window pane.


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