100 custom Barn plans

Our plans are numbered for ease of location.


Our plans are pre-engineered and very well detailed.


They are autocad drafted with multiple specific pages.


Each plan was developed with • function, • strength, • curb appeal, • ease of assembly, • material and labor 


cost in mind.


The structural frames are post and beam with beams exposed and vaulted ceilings.


Some are single level and some are lofted.


Foundations are a choice of pole barn post foundation or with


a footing and stem wall foundation which uses stick-framed outer walls. We seldom use trusses.


The barns can be unheated or energy efficient with living space, office, business, apartment or


sometimes a barn home combination.


Plans are available in several ways.


Basic Plans


1. The basic plan sets, when available, without upgrades are free.


Upgraded Plans are at extra cost.


2. Personalized plan sets with customer added information and site specific information at extra cost. This information will be 

required for a structural engineer’s “wet stamp review”.


3. The material list and order of assembly list are added cost.


4. Add the order of assembly list.


5. The customizing of the drawing is at extra cost.


6. The autocad drawing files are at added cost.


* Note: Preferred features from other color upgraded plans and pictures can often be incorporated into your plan.


* Upgraded Plans will be emailed to you for your local printing.

When Stamped plans are required you will pay directly the reviewing engineer that is licensed in your state.

When reviewed and stamped the engineer will fedex the stamped plan directly to you.


Contact: barnfactory@gmail.com