Carriage House Doors


Carriage House Doors with Windows*

Call for price each or per Pair

         Our doors can slide on overhead tracks or swing on hinges.

Quality Douglas Fir Frame
Western Red Cedar Windows

Each Standard Carriage House Door is 90″ tall and 52″ wide.  If you need custom shapes or sizes, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

The upper half of each door has a full window with small panel glass look. They are great for opening onto a porch overhang or barn side.

*Stock windows are high quality pexiglass.  If you want tempered safety glass in your windows, we recommend that you notify us when you order so that we can make sure to leave a large enough space in the window frame to accommodate the extra thickness.  We do not ship glass windows due to their fragile nature, and recommend that you take the plexiglass provided to a local glass shop or glazer to use as a template.