Cupolas, Etc


The cupola is a small building with vent or windows that rests on the top of your barn or cabin.

Four-sided Cupola

Mini Cupola up to 18″ $360

Mini Cupola up to 24″ $450

  30”x30”x66”  $800*

36”x36”x72”  $1000

Our Cupolas are build with Western Red Cedar to last 100 years


*most common size

Call for information on custom sized, mini and oversized cupolas


Six-Sided Cupola

36”x36”x72”Corner to Corner $1100


Westerrn Red Cedar Exterior to last 100 years.
Pre-assembled body with corner trim.
Six 14″ x 20″ vents (or windows).
Pre-assembled pyramid-style roof with fascia.