WUI Ember
Stop Kits

  1. Harden your barn or home with our WUI Hardened Ember Stop Kits.  Remember,  No Home or barn  can be absolutely fireproof,  but the Barnfactory comes close!

Barn Factory’s WUI Ember Stop Kit is your best option to save your home, your barn, your animals, your treasures and to save your life as your know it.

Destructive wildfires are occurring more often each year. Wildfires are ignited by both nature and  human hand.  Once started, they are fueled by grass, brush and forests.  Wind driven, they quickly become fast-moving, raging infernos.  The area where our communities abut the wildlands is called the Wildlands Urban Interface (WUI).

The WUI is where most catastrophic wildfire damage occurs.  More than 90% of the buildings destroyed by wildfire are ignited by windblown embers.  These glowing embers ignite fires as much as a mile ahead of the fire front.   Wind driven glowing embers are the culprits.  Any combustibles they lodge against are susceptible to ignition.

Options to defend against wildfire include hardening landscape zones 0,1, 2,and 3, sprinkler systems, and  hardening your buildings. Fire hardening of your building includes hardening the roof and sides, hardening windows and doors, hardening soffits and vents and hardening decks and fences.    The Barnfactory’s ember stop kit is an affordable and complete package, including the roof and sides, windows and doors, soffits and vents. It includes the autocad drawings that are specific to your building necessary to preserve your building’s curb appeal

The barn factory specializes in just the fire hardening of barns and homes.

Barnfactory’s WUI Ember Stop Kits offer the most comprehensive defense against burning embers.  Since metal is essentially fireproof, it offers the very best hardening resistance against wildfire.  Metal roofing and sidings are very common and readily available.  Large metal buildings of commercial type are often used to armor against wildfire. You can put everything inside.  You can use it as your home, barn, garage, and toy storage building all at once.  The problem is they lack curb appeal and appraisal value.  And since more fires originate inside in winter than outside in summer, you risk everything burning up at once; home, animals, RV, equipment, hobbies, toys, heirlooms, everything.  In short, Life as you know it!

A better alternative is to WUI harden your new or existing buildings.  Barnfactory has more than 100 attractive plans to choose from that can be customized and WUI hardened affordably.

These plans, kits and packages are pre-engineered to meet International Residential Building code (IRBC).  Barnfactory’s plans are strong and functional.  Most have energy efficient living space.  Barnfactory has affordable plans and kits for barndominiums, RV garages, horse barns, workshops and lots more. We have been building wood barn kits for many years. Now Barnfactory is focused on wildfire safe kits. These kits preserve the curb appeal of your new existing barns and homes. 

For a free  callback discussion with Howard and pricing information, email barnfactory@gmail.com with your zip code and a brief description of your project.

Eight advantages to Barnfactory’s Ember Stop Kit

  1. Your Peace of mind
  2. They are Affordable
  3. They preserve the curb appeal
  4. Higher property appraisals
  5. Lower insurance costs
  6. Comes pre-painted Multiple color choices Renews your older building appearance
  7. Low maintenance for 40 years
  8. Choose from barnfactory’s 100 pre-engineered plans or customize to suit.
But Before doing anything else, preserve your wildfire escape and evacuation plan.

The Barnfactory’s WUI Harden Process:
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Website: Barnfactory.com  We are a small, family-based company with 40 years of experience providing barn doors and windows, kits and packages with customized wood barn plans with energy efficient living space. All can be WUI hardened with curb appeal.